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Skinny Tea Myth Busting

There is this all natural diet tea, some folk have lost up to 20kgs on it. Together with drastic weight loss there were epic side effects reported and a case of hospitalisation. Skinny Me Teas ''colon cleanse'' product, contains the laxative senna. In case you’re wondering I did not review the product. I take a lot of requests from readers but I will not spend more time on the dunny than I have to naturally. If you're not constipated and take laxatives, together with your ring hole you will loose electrolytes, fluid, other essential nutrients plus the food you just ate. 

**Ring ring** "Errmaaargerd Becky I just blew the bowl out again and the scales are down this product really works! I also blew a hole in my pantyhose and undies and the dry cleaners refused to clean my skirt but it really works! Oops gotta run that way again, doll ciao ! "


No you imbecile. You lost fluid and emptied your intestines which equals weight, unless you plan on never eating again the next morsel you put in your gob will be flippin you the bird from the monitor on your scale. You did absolutely sweet FA to your body fat and are busting your metabolic capacity, slap yourself in the forehead immediately for being a complete and utter sucker. Many moons ago I used laxatives. Upon the advice of a slightly older, thinner friend of mine who was far more advanced in the world of purging and eating disorders than I ever would be. She must've been onto something. At a young impressionable age even those who may turn out to be very health conscious can be mislead down the wrong path. Yes I slapped my forehead just now.


Instagram actually deactivated SkinnyMeTea's account saying "Instagram is a place where people can share their lives with others through photographs, it does not condone the promotion or glorification of self-harm." The scary part is they had over 200K followers without the obligatory boobs, ass, and duck lip photos. My guess is their 'before and after' Images were categorised as 'glorification of self harm'. 

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The chief executive of eating disorder support group the Butterfly Foundation, Christine Morgan, said she was ''horrified'' by the program and the companies ''blatant disregard'' for the minds of young people. ''It's buying into this negative body image, which is a scourge amongst young people … that they won't be worthwhile or successful if they are not this idealised 'thin' body shape,'' Ms Morgan said. Jessica Maclennan, 19, bought the tea after seeing the extreme before and after photos online and lasted six days on the program before having to stop. Only six days on the shitta darl? Gees you did alright if you ask me. We are constantly living and creating ideals that everybody struggles to obtain, that no one can actually become as far as physical appearance and definitions of beauty and valour, they’re all illusions.  

Jennifer Lawrence's magazine cover - I'd take the untouched her (left) any day

The Australian online company formed last year says it promotes "positive body image amongst people of all ages, shapes and sizes". Stop. Right. There. Who decides what is considered positive body image? What is positive to me may not be to you and vice versa. To me, Annie Thorisdottir promotes positive body image, work horse, lives and breathes her sport, eats a typical balanced diet,  no particular regime, has tried paleo which did not give her enough energy to perform. Humble, works hard, loves her family, educates others, that to me is positive. And I am not a biased crossfitter, I'm not even a crossfitter. These tea suckers probably would not view Annie that way, enter ye old stereotype of muscular women. Am I stereotyping the tea suckers? Perhaps. I used to be one of them, uneducated, unaware sheep,  not concerned what long term damage I was doing to my body for short term gain for a formal or a dancing concert.

Oh Annie

Enter the realm of dancers, there is a huge emphasis on being very lean and maintaining a high work schedule. I have vivid memory of  studying for my dance exams, performing the jeté round and round and round the studio with the principal of the dance school stalking behind spanking my panty hosed behind with a ruler. Each leap that was not technically sound equalled a sharp whack in precisely the same spot. If an unlucky angle her metal section would knick. Was it necessary discipline in my craft? Perhaps. Would I have passed my exams without physical abuse? I don't know I'm not Marty Mc Fly. Mother, it will be easier if you don't resist when Department of Children's Services arrive.  


This is hilarious!
Scary Movie 5 [Movie Scene] Black Swan

If you take one thing from this post it's this. Next time you hear anyone bragging about sudden weight loss through some fad diet, pill, tea, magical hubbly bubbly not only do you owe it to yourself if you have a fully functioning prefrontal cortex, to ask more questions, you owe it to your children and your childrens children! We are the revolution people! Be sceptical, don't be a moron, open pandoras box. How much weight was lost? Using what method? Is it a lifestyle change or a diet? Have the subjects kept the weight off? Do they have enough control over their bowells to be in public, nappie free? You might find the same sheep are unrealistically wanting to drop dress sizes before an event in 1 weeks time. If you have not already made changes to your body good luck. You cannot treat your rig like a math assignment and cram a few days before the test to maybe fluke a pass mark. Your body composition will be the same after 1 week of toilet violation, lemon shitox diet, whatever the hell is on the market. Collectively if we start challenging this nonsense, society as a whole might be one iota more informed than what it is now. The tea sucker might think twice before bragging to Becky, realise others actually care about their bodies and in comparison to them she is literally a shitty human being. If you have high school aged children and you haven't already had a discussion about laxatives and understanding the measures some young girls are using to drop weight, please have it around your families dinner table tonight. Well perhaps after you've enjoyed your meal.


Lastly thanks for reading my bloggious maximus and the crap load of positive feedback sent on my last post. I am thoroughly enjoying writing, it's proving almost therapeutic sharing a snippet of the weird and wonderful things that have happened in my life.   
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